My Story

Hello and welcome to my page! A lover of sour cream and onion potato chips and fudgy brownies, my pilgrimage deep into the world of food began when I was a small person. If it was dance or soccer practice, it needed to be accompanied by an ice cream cone; if it was ice skating lessons, a churro had to be involved; if it was art class, you bet your lucky stars I was bringing my cookies and cream chocolate bar to the pottery wheel. Let’s put it this way, if there was no baked good or snack involved in the activity, I would flaunt the L.O.P—look of pain—as my Mah called it. So, it should come as no surprise that my favorite activity was baking and my happy place was always in the kitchen on a Saturday night with a Betty Crocker cake mix and a bunch of icing.

Back then, dessert was fun and games, but as I grew up and pursued my B.S. in Food Studies and Food Anthropology at The New School and then my Associates Degree in Pastry from The International Culinary Center, the dialogue around dessert drastically changed for the worse. Words like “unhealthy” and “fat” and “calories” and “cheat” flooded the conversation. Dessert is one of the most meaningful aspect of my life, one in which I cherish deeply.

While I long to make your soul and tummy sing and dance with happiness, my greatest mission is to change the dialogue where dessert can be associated strictly with happiness. Let’s do away with the rest. Cheers!